Hi, we're Fastmail!

We provide email service to people and organizations, and we use open software and open standards to do it. We believe that part of what has made the email ecosystem successful and interesting is its standards-based architecture. We’re deeply invested in open source and open standards, and we spend a lot of our time each year working on improving the state of email and the open internet. This year, we’re hosting a get-together of people who make significant contributions to the email ecosystem, especially IMAP clients and servers.

If you maintain a significant piece of the IMAP world, like a major server or client, you might have something to get out of this work. Our hope is that many of us can get together in one place and talk about what we can agree would be the best steps to make email better. There isn’t, yet, a carved-in-stone agenda, but here’s what we expect we’ll be doing:

When: October 30th - November 2nd, all day

Where: Philadelphia, PA

What: We’ll talk about…

  • what features (especially those already standardized) would give users a faster, more reliable experience if widely implemented
  • what features would reduce network traffic, round trips, and other server cost if widely implemented
  • what features are not yet standardized, but seem like the next thing everybody wants in their client — and how we can prioritize standardizing them
  • how to begin leveraging JMAP without having to totally rewrite IMAP code, especially for server-pushed change notifications
  • how to prepare for more widespread transition to OAuth and JMAP

We’ve got a list of RFCs and draft standards that we think make good talking points to start, but we'd also love to hear from you in advance about what you think are concrete improvements we could make.

If you want to attend, you can find more at the “so you want to attend” page. If you want more information, just email and ask!